Meet ‘Aumdoc’ Rick Clofine, D.O.

Aumdoc (Rick Clofine, D.O.)

Retired Osteopathic Physician, Holistic Educator, Shamanic Practitioner


Sharing peak and sacred experiences with others threads through Aumdoc’s life path. He practiced medicine for 22 years dual board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOOG) and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM), retiring in 2011. His deep connection to Mother Earth and the rhythms of nature, is rooted in the 5 years he spent organic farming as a young man (1972 – 1977). His current passions are serving others through eclectic shamanic ceremony, teaching, healing sessions and the creation of personal ceremonial tools.

Aumdoc’s study of cross-cultural shamanism was initiated by his introduction to the Medicine WheelIMG_2580 as a young organic farmer. While practicing an eclectic cross-cultural approach to ceremony, he has been most deeply influenced by Peruvian traditions. His training includes work and initiations, with Alberto Villoldo (The Four Winds Society) and don Oscar Miro Quesada (The Heart of the Healer Foundation). He traveled to Peru (2007) with James Williams, OMD for teachings with Qero’ elders. He has been a mesa carrier for over 20 years. He enjoys serving others through shamanic healing sessions and ceremony that celebrates life and life passages (births, deaths, weddings, home & business blessings).

Teaching has always been a deep passion and has taken place in many settings. He lectured extensively in conventional medicine including to medical school classes,  to The Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association. He served as supervisor and mentor to many medical students, interns and residents in his office and hospital medical practices. For eight years he was co-host of Millennium Healthcare’s Temple of Health Radio Show. Currently he most enjoys teaching topics in Holistic Medicine, hands-on bodywork and Urban Shamanism.

Aumdoc’s handicrafts, through his venture “RattleHead”, are well respected as personal12809517_10208968552439434_7514177439065761567_n 12809756_10208968998530586_6033814215054276112_nceremonial tools. All handmade, they include gourd personal medicine rattles; naturally tanned buckskin medicine bags & pouches;
smudge wands & feathers; custom buckskin flute bags and easily adjustable lightweight Djembe drum stands.

Healing work has been an integral part of his life’s work. His current Shamanic Healing Sessions include an integration of his personal interaction, Energy Medicine, shamanic 1526198_10152213077678793_825190574_nhealing work and hands-on light touch bodywork. These unique sessions are intuitively created by partnering with clients and focusing on their particular needs. Always gentle and respectful, these sessions often create a deep sense of relaxation and well being offering ‘help along the way’.

Aumdoc’s medical career (as Dr. Clofine) extended over 22 years in Atlanta, GA. As a true Osteopathic Physician, his medical care always integrated Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (hands-on bodywork) into the mix. His work included 12 years of full Ob/Gyn 166469_1742671134990_2450538_npractice out of 3 metro Atlanta hospitals. He had the pleasure of assisting in the delivery of over 2500 newborns as well as carrying a full surgical practice. At Northlake Regional Medical Center he served in many roles, including Chairman of the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department. He was then elected Chief of Staff by the hospitals physicians. The last 10 years of his practice was office based general Holistic Medicine with a strong focus on menopause and the menopausal transition. Aumdoc completely discontinued the practice of medicine in 2011.

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