Pranic Healing


7263_384915428285000_2061887819_nChristina Law received her Level 1 and 2 in Pranic Healing in 2007 at Peachtree yoga Center with Debra Quibell. Whenever anyone gets hurt, Christina rushes to use the powerful technique to release the stress and pain.  Sometimes someone just needs to be cleansed and rejuvenated energetically and perhaps doesn’t need the stronger physical work.

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Pranic healing is a type of energy healing classified as “non-touch healing” that manipulates subtle life-energy, or “prana,” in order to benefit physical health.

The term “prana” is a Sanskrit word meaning a usually invisible yet vital energy that permeates all living things. It originated thousands of years ago in China, but was revived more recently in the 6th century AD, and again in the 20th century. According to its practitioners, touch or skin contact is not required , nor does the distance between healer and patient impact the efficacy of treatment. The subtle body acts as a “blueprint” for the physical body, so once the “prana” is cleared and decongested, the pranic pic outsidephysical ailment will react positively to the balanced energies and subsequently be relieved. Additionally, Pranic Healing uses the chakra system as a guide for understanding which energetic centers of the body need balancing and restoring. The basic procedure involves the healer scanning the patient’s aura/energy field for signs of blockages and imbalance. Then accumulates and projects prana of certain colors needed to cleanse and recharge the patient’s energetic field with proper balance. A pranic healer assesses the patient’s energy field using her hands as a tool to detect the source and location of the illness or energetic disruption. Once the source of the ailment is located, the healer summons fresh prana from the atmosphere and disperses it with her hands to flush out the stagnant energy. By energetically projecting deficient colors onto the patient, the healer is said to cleanse and rebalance the patient’s aura and chakras.
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