Despacho Gratitude Ceremony with Aumdoc

Join us for a beautiful Despacho Gratitude Ceremony, hosted by Aumdoc Rick Clofine.  

Sunday Afternoon, November 20th at 2:00 pm.  

$10-$20 Donation Appreciated

Please RSVP if possible so we can plan accordingly

despacho 11-2012
The Despacho Ceremony on Sunday, November 20th at 2:00 PM is about remembering and honoring all of the beautiful GRATITUDES we all have in our lives. The CEREMONY will enrich the individual and collective transformation we are all now experiencing in our lives. Many like-minded Souls will be coming together for Gratitude and welcoming Winter.
In our ceremony we first set Sacred Space through intent & action.  A blank piece of white paper serves as the groundcloth upon which we create a beautiful Mandala (or portrait) created mostly of natural elements. We place these contents into the Despacho with deep joyful intent, infused with our prayers and blessings. The paper is then closed, tied and wrapped in a weaving to create a sacred bundle. This bundle is then utilized to cleanse (like a smudging) and and bless each individual participant using the beautiful group energy infused into our Despacho. The Despacho is then burned.
This Despacho at Heartwood will hold the intent of Gratitude and usually takes about 2 hours.  Please feel free to bring drums and/or offering of song or spoken word.

(referencing, thank you) Q’ero Elder Don Manuel Q’espi, in a presentation at Canyon de Chelley in May 1997 (translated by Jose Luis Herrera), spoke of Despachos in this this way:

The Despacho is a gift, a giving back of what we receive every day in our lives. We seek, through the Despacho Ceremony, to bridge the ordinary and non-ordinary realms; to establish new patterns of relationship and possibility. The Despacho places us in right relationship, right Ayni (Sacred Reciprocity) with Pachamama. It establishes a linkage between our three centers of interaction in the Kaypacha (the physical universe): our llankay (our personal power and source of action, located in our solar plexus), our munay (the source of our love, located in our heart chakra), and our yachay (wisdom, sourced from our foreheads). ~ 

12096610_10208832738844179_643538427634838174_nAumdoc is a true ‘Medicine Man’. He has extensive experience in Conventional and Holistic Medicine. For over 40 years he has studied and practiced many different academic and spiritually based healing modalities. During much of this period he was both certified and practiced Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOOG). His interest in cross-cultural shamanism led to his training’s and initiations with several teachers with the Peruvian Spirituality Lineage and the study and practice of healing ceremonies including The Despacho Ceremony.
‘RattleHead’ is the venue through which he produces personal ceremonial tools (Handmade gourd rattles, medicine bags, smudge wands, drum stands and more). He is particularly interested in facilitating eclectic ceremony to celebrate life passage (weddings, newborn ceremonies and memorials). He continues to teach publicly on topics including Holistic Medicine and Urban Shamanism. Aumdoc offers private healing sessions which combine his personal interaction, light touch bodywork, energy medicine and his shamanic training. You can find a more extensive Bio on Aumdoc and the services he has to offer at his website 



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  1. Connie sue allen says:

    That sounds like a wonderful celebration.I will try to come.


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