Presence: The Sacred in the Ordinary Retreat

Presence: The Sacred in the Ordinary

A Weekend Retreat

A Weekend of Meditation, Mantra & Yoga with Meryl Arnett and Shonali Banerjee

Join Shonali Banerjee & Meryl Arnett for a weekend retreat designed to bring awareness to the beauty and grace of our everyday lives. Over the course of the weekend, Meryl and Shonali will skillfully layer the practices of meditation, mantra & yoga to ignite a deeper sense of awareness to the present moment. We will look at the spectrum of human experience – the joy, the pain, the ordinary – and explore how to be present through all of it, for within all moments lies the opportunity to be fully awake, alive and open of grace. Infuse your everyday life with sacred presence, embracing it all. Expect to be nurtured and awakened, to be reminded of spaciousness and possibility, and to relax and replenish.

All levels welcome.6205cfddae0cf57434f93091fe49ab47

Dates: October 21 – 23, 2016

15 people max. 

Book early to secure your spot!

File Jun 10, 12 26 51 PM (1)

TWO BEDROOM CABIN: all rooms have King beds. Shared rooms mean shared beds!


Shared Room:


Private Room: 


Pricing includes:
2 nights lodging + 6 delicious, healthy meals + all meditation, yoga & chanting sessions with Shonali and Meryl.

Room Options
5 Bedroom Cabin: Shared Room $450.00 USD
5 Bedroom Cabin: Private Room $600.00 USD
2 Bedroom Cabin: Shared Room $550.00 USD
2 Bedroom Cabin: Private Room $700.00 USD


What is the Way?
Ordinary mind is the Way.
Should I turn toward it or not?
If you turn toward it you turn away from it.
How can I know the Way if I don’t turn toward it?
The Way is not about knowing or not knowing…
When you reach the Way beyond doubt, it is as vast and infinite as space.
You can’t say it’s right or wrong.

~Zen koan

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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    I love pictures where you see the sun coming through the leaves!


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