Ayni Despacho Ceremony with Aumdoc

Ayni Despacho Ceremony with Aumdoc

Sunday, May 15 at 2pm

Ceremony at 2pm followed by Pot Luck Dinner

IMG_2519Drummers bring your drums

Everyone is welcome. Donations greatly appreciated. Supervised children are welcome to be here to participate in these Despacho Ceremonies.

Ayni is a Quechua word referring to a core Andean principle worthy of building a good life upon. IMG_2538 (1)Simply translated it means Sacred Reciprocity. Reciprocity is giving and receiving in a way that creates a balanced life, on many levels, and is always worthy of honor and respect. On one level it is reciprocity with Pachamama (Mother Earth)… receiving her life-giving gifts and in return dispatching offerings (ie. Despachos) of thanksgiving to her. These offerings also include daily practical measures like walking lightly on her skin, and in balance with her natural cycles. Always with an eye on protecting her (which in turn protects us). Reciprocity also manifests in all our earthly dealings with each other. Today I help you, tomorrow you help me. Ayni is manifest in IMG_2604every religion as “The Golden Rule” (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). Living in Ayni is a beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

The Despacho Ceremony is one way of manifesting Ayni. It is an offering, a dispatch, to Mother Earth in gratitude for all the goodness of life. Through the Despacho Ceremony we are able to step out of our routine day-to-day patterns, and establish new relationships to the seen and unseen worlds. Ceremony is meant to create change and transformation, to open doorways and reveal paths to unexpected adventures in good living. When we strive for a good life, and follow The Golden Rule (Ayni), we are making good medicine.IMG_2523

Our Despacho Ceremony is a participatory shamanic Ceremony. We first set Sacred Space through intent and action. A blank piece of white paper serves as a groundcloth upon which we create a beautiful mandala, or world portrait, created mostly of natural elements. Each element is placed with pure intent of gratitude and Ayni. The Despacho receives the deep clear blessings and prayers of the entire group participating. When complete, the paper is folded and tied, then wrapped in a cloth creating a sacred bundle. This group medicine bundle is then used to cleanse (like smudging) IMG_2466and bless each participating individual. It is then burned to release our good medicine to Pachamama and the world at large.

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