The Everybody Edition
Sunday, April 10
th –  1:00 pm – $20.00

initial lymph capillary

The Lymphatic System is intimately connected to health and immunity yet is rarely discussed.   This workshop will start by teaching a firm foundation in the anatomy & physiology of the Lymphatic System.   Building on that you will learn safe and effective hands-on healing techniques that promote improved lymphatic function.  These can be applied daily, or as needed, when immune stimulationlymph capillaries2-1 is desired.  The techniques you learn can be safely applied to individuals of any age.

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IMG_2482 (1)Aumdoc is a true ‘Medicine Man’. He has extensive experience in Conventional and Holistic Medicine. For over 40 years he has studied and practiced many different academic and spiritually based healing modalities. During much of this period he was both certified and practiced Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOOG). You can find a more extensive Bio on Aumdoc and the services he has to offer at his website 


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