Thai/Yoga Bodywork Weekend Workshop

 Thai/Yoga Bodywork Weekend Workshop        March 12-13 , 2016

thai 4Learn the extraordinary healing art of Thai Yoga Bodywork with Christina Law for a whole weekend workshop experience. This practice is a dynamic adjunct for Yoga teachers, athletes, health care professionals, massage therapists, dancers, couples, families that would like to work on each other and anyone interested in accessing increased energy and vitality. thai 10

-Develop the skills to offer Thai Yoga Bodywork with confidence and love.

-Experience the healing effects of receiving and learning to give beautiful bodywork sequences 

-Receive picture manuals of sequences learned and Thai Yoga textbook provided.

Saturday-Sunday 8am-6pm  $250, (optional $12/meal or $40 for 2 lunch/dinner)

Let us know asap if you need accommodations as soon as possible. 

thai 14Christina Law for any questions 

and tel# 404-587-8016  or complete this form

thai 9

12742745_10208690720171181_7455538106172612858_nChristina Law received a weekend certification through Patricia Kilpatrick in 2005 and in Thailand a 9/day one on one training certification on Ko Sumai Island at Health Oasis Resorts in 2006.

Christina always loved doing hands/on assistance with her Yoga students.  She used to teach Prenatal in Atlanta and work on pregnant women that had issues like sciatica and would swear by the relief of this particular style. She has had many clients over the last 10 years that even years later still want to receive the work.  She taught a weekend workshop with 10 attendees at Heartwood Health and Yoga in 2013.  This has been her main source of income, bartering trade, and she has helped her family and friends for years. 


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