How to save the World: California’s Solar Entrepreneurs

Some viewers of this piece might take umbrage at the frequent use of the term “climate change”. 

Regardless of whether or not one accepts the reality of climate change, we can all agree, I hope, that renewable energy technologies, which do not spew endless quantities of the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, fly ash and mercury that are produced by coal-fired electricity plants are environmental toxins that we’d prefer NOT to continue breathing and to have falling out, all around us.

And yes, such plants are the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the US.

Likewise, we can agree that we don’t actually prefer to have the radioactive leaks into our local groundwater, now occurring around virtually all US nuclear plants and set to continue, ad infinitum until we get rid of them – to say nothing of the spectre of 150+ Fukushimas melting down, simultaneously in the US, alone, which could become a reality, if threats from so many of our State Department’s newly-minted enemies, to detonate an EMP bomb over the Continent and to knock out our existing electricity grid were to succeed.


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