We will have our monthly New Moon Circle this                                  Sunday May 2nd at 4pm!

It’s going to be warm so we will be outside by a fire at Ken’s house. Anyone who comes in a good way is welcome .                            Kids are welcome as we will be outside.                                                           This New Moon in Pisces is asking us to focus on our spiritual growth. Part of that growth may require that we accept and even embrace imperfections in ourselves and others. Our imagination and dreams will take center stage, and we will receive an infusion of new faith and hope due to a wonderful trine between the New Moon and Jupiter. We might want to ask questions such as, “What feeds my soul?” and “Where do I need to let go and let God?” Due to all the planetary changes in motion in the week following the New Moon, this is a good time to rest and reflect. Any activities that are peaceful and rejuvenating would be helpful. However, it’s good to remember now that, “Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination” (William Arthur Ward).

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