Tips for the New Year

I would like to pass along some very helpful tips for 2014 put together by my Daughter, Magen Banwart. Thank you Magen for sharing this good information with us.

My 10 Fave Fitness Finds from 2013 that I’m taking into the new year and beyond! 


You asked, so I’m sharin’ my fave finds for meltin’ off the excess fat & stress from 2013.
Many of my best tricks and tools are in this list which is why they’re all in my 2014 Mind Body RE BOOT programs.

1.  Try Intermittent Fasting​:  NOT NEW but finally becoming mainstream. It’s simple, it works! Combine with HIIT for a winning combo.

 2.  Eat Fermented Foods​ (1/4 cup w each meal) or easier, take 2 TBS Apple CiderVinegar before every meal​:  No it’s NOT a new concept either, but I started using it daily in 2013- so do my clients and it works!

3.  Read Grain Brain:  My new bible. Written David Perlmutter, a neurologist, it’s an easy read. Made #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list because of the life changing information it contains.  I’ve been recommending Dr. Perlmutter’s advice in my RE BOOTfood protocol for years, but sometimes reading the research and recco’s from an  MD is much more compelling.

4.  High Intensity Interval Training/HIIT​:  3x a week, short & sweet, just 7 x 30-second intervals and within 25 minutes you’re done. Not a new concept but the recent research is definitive and it’s now an integral part of my personal and RE BOOT exercise protocols.

5.  Workout ​Tunes:  Because you need great music to get you through the intervals:)  See my “MB Move & Melt Faves” Spotify Playlist under my username magenbanwart.

6.  Move:   A NEW CLASS I’ve created. It combines, among other fun and challenging methods: Barre, HIIT, Pilates & Tabata.  Best part, I’ve assembled five of NYC’s fave  instructors (a Dream Team) to help me launch it. More info soon, stay tuned.

7.  Tapping/EFT:  Looks weird but easy to do and it works.

8.  MB Melt:  Another NEW CLASS I’ve created. This one eases mind and body.  It includes lots of Yin Yoga & restorative stretches, rolling and relaxation techniques.  It FEELS GOOD & EVERY BODY, yes, even the tightest bodies, can do it!  Schedule details TBA.

9.  My Fave You Tube Ted Talks and other, inspirational speeches:  I like to turn one of these on when I’m , filing, makin’ lunch or sittin’ in my Yin stretches.  Listen to while getting ready in the mornin’ to silence the monkey mind and motivate you to be great all day!  Watch HERE.

10.  The Movement:  A very cool, new, boutique fitness studio that believes in giving back (in the form of donating $1 per person, per class to The National Brain Tumor Society) and movin’ forward-my new motto for 2014. They will offer a combo of all my fitness faves: HIIT, Barre & Yoga. Coming soon to Flatiron. Get excited and keep your ears and eyes open.

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