Faces of Your Soul – a Creative Spirit Series Workshop


as part of our Creative Spirit Series

400377_433393390040892_449198150_nI believe a mask can be one way to bring both sides to the human eye.  Just like the yin and yang of everything, the black and white, the negative and positive…  well the mask can be a mirror of the emerging self, or it could in fact be the shield you hold in front of yourself when you are not being your true self.  Maybe, the ego. The act of creating your mask is important in every aspect, from the faces-coverwrapping, the hardening, the meeting, the details into color and additions that come as your mask develops.   It embodies all the energies of your soul.   It can be very rewarding sharing a mask with others.

284505_10150699687855018_565745017_19346632_1085934_nWorking with Faces of Your Soul, a wonderful spiritual and creative mask-making publication, we will embody this process in three classes together, focused on creating the mask, and doing some work in between classes to prepare yourself for the next step.  Take a look at some other workshop recipients masks using Faces of Your Soul as a guide.

Taking a journey like this together can be an exercise in trust.  It is important work but understandably It is hard for us to be exposed in front of others. We all have masks we wear.  This is an opportunity to bring out what resides behind the mask. Your soul.    We will be using


guided meditation, journaling, and plaster mold making techniques using your own face. No creative experience is necessary for this class. Commitment in time, and journaling work is.  Handouts will be given at the beginning of the class with all the home ‘work’ so you can really dive into this process.

3 Sunday Classes,  Feb. 23rd, Mar 2nd. Mar. 9th  1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

$165.00 includes all materials

Snacks, Beverages also provided.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

Read more about Faces of Your Soul …
Excerpt 3: Sculpting the Mask

Kaleo’s Journal: The Process of Maskmaking

I call on my ancestors for guidance. Our process begins. I, the maker of your mask, honor you, the giver of the mask, as we enter into our inner dialogue.

Unknown-1Ancestors watch over us as I apply plaster gauze to your face. Touching, listening, responding to your energy, I massage the wet warm skin of gauze onto the flesh and bone of your facial sculpture. I feel your inner face as well as the outer one

What do you need? Do you feel safe? How can this gentle facial massage encourage you to enter and sink into trust? What images, sensations, emotions are emerging from your subconscious? All my senses are alert and receive clues from your body/mind about what this experience is like for you.

You, as maskgiver, question: Can I still my body, still myimages-1 mind? Can I surrender to the nurturing fingers, to the warm wet plaster on my face? Am I vulnerable? Am I afraid? Will I like the impression of my face? Will the mask reveal an ancestor? What images will emerge from the silence and the darkness?

As you drop deeper in meditation, I feel your ancestors stirring within you.

As the mask on your face comes to completion, it is time for you to emerge. To release the mask, you engage your breath. Inhaling, you draw your breath into your abdomen. Exhaling, you settle into the comfort of the pelvic bowl. Then, inhaling, you draw your breath into your sacrum and up your spinal column. Your breath migrates into your throat and mouth, softening your tongue and chin. It now enters the space between your skull and skin. As you exhale, your breath expands gently and presses into the inner lining of your mask, shedding this new skin.

As your mask peels off, it reveals the wonders of the universe, your ances- tors’ legacy, the door of your heart.


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  1. Lydia young says:

    I will be attending the vision box workshop but also want to do the three session mask workshop. I’m putting the dates and times in my calendar. 🙂


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