Vision Boxes – Jan. 12th!

IMG_7803Are you a Vision Board person?  Have you wanted to make a visual manifestation of your hopes and dreams, a vital tool in creating the life you want?  This is the workshop you need.  Start the year off right!

Now for me, I didn’t have  the wall space, and I am such a writer and saver of things, so I started making vision Boxes to start of my year.  These are paper boxes, covered with things I want to create for my life, or feelings I need to remember. Positive Affirmations..  Through the year, I use the IMG_7804box only to store precious things. It is placed somewhere in my room.  I usually had it right on the coffee table.  It was so cool, that I wanted to keep it out.  Store Things that you might put on an altar or sacred space you may have, things you wrote , or put your dream journal in there.  I keep my IMG_7812tarot cards in there, and all my tools that I use through the year in my own spiritual  practices.  And I look at it often. I got really creative with mine, and used cut outs of pics, printed photos from the internet or my personal photo library.  I added small clay sculpture and some cool flat metal parts.  Then I had this cool resin door knob given to me by a wonderful friend who happens to be a mentor to me with manifesting.  The box became a powerful collection of wonderful.


Vision Boxes!  

 January 12th – 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

$40.00 plus $15.00 material fee

(Glues, Wallpaper paste, modge podge, images, Paper Box)

This is Workshop one in the Creative Spirit Series.  A monthly workshop series aligned with your spiritual practice by allowing art in to help you communicate.  So If you plan on coming to this workshop, please start gathering IMG_7807images NOW.   Start collecting magazines, printing photos you want to use on yours.  Any other glue able objects you want to add.   I will have a variety of things to choose from, but to be prepared for your most powerful box, it will be important that you not settle on found images, when you could carefully plan out some of the images you know you want on there.  These images can be printed on a variety of papers that will work. So come prepared with extra materials.



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