Gratitude Circle – Mon., Dec 2nd!

There will be a Gratitude Circle Ceremony this coming Monday evening, December 2nd, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., at Ken Banwart’s yoga studio, at the Heartwood Community. If the weather turns surprisingly mild, we’ll meet nearby, outside.

It will be much like a traditional Talking Stick Ceremony, only all the sharing will be of thanks-giving. It will serve as this month’s, “New Moon Circle; Honoring the Rising Feminine,” usually coordinated by Christina Law, of Heartwood.  At Christina’s invitation, I will be serving as the facilitator this time, for this new/old ceremony.

event_2902942.jpegAs with all ceremony, everyone is asked to create a clear intention beforehand by whatever means works best for you. Traditionally, people fasted, abstained from all intoxicants, and/or participated in an Inipi (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony, as preparation for such “Council Circles.”

It would be nice, but not necessary, if you could bring something for the meal, following.

There will be no announcements to the general public for this, but do feel free to invite close friends you know who might be interested, prayerful, and Respectful.

You might want to be considering the notion of gratitude, even more than usual, between now and then.

Directions: From Blue Ridge, go South on 515/76. Take a right on Maxwell Road, at the cell phone tower. Take a right on Johnson Road, at the Last Resort. At the three-way fork, with Left Turn Loop Road on your left, take the middle road (not Left Turn Road). Go down the hill and take a left on Left Turn Loop Road. The signs just say Left Turn, but it’s a loop off Johnson Road. About a quarter of a mile on your right, you’ll see Ken’s fancied up driveway entrance. Park on the shoulder of the road. If you need help finding it, call Ken at 706-632-2824 or Christina at 404-587-8016.

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