Namaste Ya’ll


One of the areas of my life I have been consciously working on is NOT applying unnecessary JUDGEMENT to a situation or person before fully experiencing it (or he/she) for myself. Another opportunity to learn this lesson was given to me yesterday when I experienced my first Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga on Lake Blue Ridge. The class was conducted by Heather Huck, Certified Yoga Instructor and sponsored by Chris Tilghman, Owner of Surf Blue Ridge.

1044951_528407280529173_1054172055_nWe often times limit our experiences in life because of the incorrect judgement applied to something before we actually experience it. This judgement usually results in creating some kind of unnecessary debilitating FEAR. I had done this with SUP Yoga before my beautiful daughter Magen, who teaches SUP Yoga in NY, encouraged me to take this class. My first experience was great in every respect. Heather’s explicit yoga demonstrations and instructions made it much easier than I ever imagined it would be. Many thanks to Heather, Chris and Magen for this wonderful experience.

Also joining me in this class were Nancy Clancy and Carol Upshaw which was the first time they had ever been on a standup paddleboard. Nancy and Carol both loved their first Experience on a SUP and with SUP Yoga and said they would do it again. We were all impressed by how well they paddled around following our yoga class. Must have been Chris’ great SUP instruction. Christy Bockmier was also in our group. She paddled over from her weekend home on the lake.

I think I not only speak for myself but the rest of the group when I say everything from the breathtaking setting, Chris and Heather’s instruction, and the different people in the group all made the experience memorable. We were able to laugh at ourselves and our wobbles, occasional slips etc, and that was half the fun. Especially since I think that sometimes yoga classes can get too serious and focus perhaps a little too much on proper form.

At the end of class Heather had us lay on our backs on our boards in Savasana with our eyes closed and she watched as we drifted around and let us know when we were getting too close to the embankments, etc. I have done Savasana in land yoga classes many times but this was so different and made the simple position new to me again. I felt a very different kind of peace and joy. As the sun shined on my smiling face I listened to the birds chirp and I floated along the little ripples in the water. At one point Magen and I and then Chris and I drifted right up to one another. After several blissful minutes of letting the water gently lull my SUP, my mind and my body into greater freedom Heather asked us to sit up. We put our hands together at our hearts and I smiled and remembered how blessed I am to live in Blue Ridge and to be able to have these awesome new experiences with such cool and fun people then Heather said really loudly, “NamasteYa’ll!”

By the way, one interpretation of namaste is “when that which is the highest in me shows up at the same time that which is the highest in you shows up, there’s only one of us.” True, that! By the end of today’s class we all went out to breakfast together and had many more good laughs and exchanged contact information. There truly was only one of us. Lesson learned on Judgement, I have some new friends AND I’ve have signed up for another class today at 6:30pm followed by a group sunset paddle. Heather and Chris are now conducting classes several times a week. Check out the web site for Surf Blue Ridge on Facebook or call Chris at 706-889-8747 for class times and other SUP activities. You can also reach Heather at 706-698-9642 for SUP Yoga and her other yoga class times.

I encourage you to try SUP Yoga without judgement. Let me know what you think.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Que maravilla!!!
    Puedo imaginar lo divertido e interesante.
    Yo definitivamente quiero ir .

    Please let me know the classes hours.
    I want to have fun too!!!!


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