OCT 09 Fall Yoga Retreat with Karen in Blue Ridge, GA

Reconnect with your Mind, Body & Spirit!

Join Karen Dorfman for a soulful and fun yoga weekend in the North Georgia Mountains at Heartwood, an intentional community in Blue Ridge. Take this time to reconnect with yourself, unplug, make new friends, rest, move your body, chant, inhale and exhale! The land at Heartwood has been lovingly nurtured and is centered around mindfulness and sustainable practices for living. It’s the perfect place for yoga, meditation, music and connecting with nature. Fall is the most magical time for a blissful getaway in the mountains!

All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome!

YOUR INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF (rates are all inclusive):

2 nights/double occupancy in the 5 bedroom cabin: $365
2 nights/double occupancy in a 2 bedroom cabin: $390
2 nights/single occupancy in the 5 bedroom cabin: $415
2 nights/single occupancy in a 2 bedroom cabin: $465
Hammock Tent: $300 (only 2 available)

***Double occupancy is the sharing of a king size bed, there is one king bed in each room


2 Nights lodging
6 Delicious healthy meals
All yoga classes
Friday night Meditation and Fire Ceremony
Saturday night Kirtan with Ian Boccio (of Blue Spirit Wheel) and Jocelyn Rose (of Mantra Ma)
Free time for hiking, canoeing in the lake, biking, soaking in the hot tub, relaxing on the deck or by the fireplace.


To reserve your space for this retreat, or if you would like additional information, please contact Karen at:

**Space is limited to 15 participants.
Reserve early as this retreat will fill up quickly!

The classes will include vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and breathwork, the Sunday morning class will be accompanied by live music with Ian Boccio. The classes are appropriate for all levels, Karen’s nurturing guidance allows even beginners to feel welcome!

Karen teaches vinyasa flow yoga in Atlanta. She has a passion for all things yoga, music and being in nature. She leads a mindful practice, putting students at ease with clear instructions, a light-hearted approach and healing hands. Her intentions around the practice are non-competitive, spiritual and nurturing.

For more about Karen visit:


Half Day Juice Fast and Yoga/Spa Retreat

Transition slowly into Spring  with a half day Juice Fast,  a Nature Hike and a Yoga and Spa retreat to rejuvenate your Body and Spirit with Christina Law and Ken Banwart.

Sunday March 2nd, 8am-2pm   $60 donation (all supplies provided)

We only two spots left! please RSVP by 4pm Saturday!

spa retreat

8am first juice( will have 3 total by 2, green tea, water and lemon)


Infra red Sauna/Hottub/Infra red Massage Table

Nature Hike

we will end at 2 and you could have a two hour break (maybe take a nap ;) ) and stay for our New Moon circle which starts at 4pm!




We will have our monthly New Moon Circle this                                  Sunday May 2nd at 4pm!

It’s going to be warm so we will be outside by a fire at Ken’s house. Anyone who comes in a good way is welcome .                            Kids are welcome as we will be outside.                                                           This New Moon in Pisces is asking us to focus on our spiritual growth. Part of that growth may require that we accept and even embrace imperfections in ourselves and others. Our imagination and dreams will take center stage, and we will receive an infusion of new faith and hope due to a wonderful trine between the New Moon and Jupiter. We might want to ask questions such as, “What feeds my soul?” and “Where do I need to let go and let God?” Due to all the planetary changes in motion in the week following the New Moon, this is a good time to rest and reflect. Any activities that are peaceful and rejuvenating would be helpful. However, it’s good to remember now that, “Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination” (William Arthur Ward).

WATERCOLOR MUSE, a Creative Journey for Mom & Daughter

WATERCOLOR MUSE, a Creative Journey for Mom & Daughter

WATERCOLOR MUSE, a Creative Journey for Mom & Daughter
Watercolor Muse: Fine Crafts for Artful Living is the collaboration of a mom-and-daughter team that is passionate about making colorful and expressive art. Cara lives in the North Georgia Mountains and Sierra is currently in Washington, D.C., but the distance doesn’t stop them from coming together to offer unique, artistic items. Sierra grew up doing many craft projects with her mom and hearing stories about her artistic grandmothers. Although their own creative endeavors have taken them in different directions, this new venture from Cara and Sierra Busch realizes a dream to use their unique talents together for a common purpose. Sierra’s degree in art and business combines with Cara’s fiber arts and small business management experience to create Watercolor Muse, resulting in beautiful harmonies of jewel tones on one-of-a-kind home goods and gifts. Sierra is currently creating ceramic coasters, each with a one-of-a-kind, abstract painting suitable for framing but functional for protecting your table tops as well. Cara is offering her homemade, all natural, detoxifying Bath Crystals in unique hand-stained glass bottles. Our current items would make great party favors, bridesmaids’ gifts, or presents for your loved ones with a personal touch. While Sierra and Cara dream Watercolor Muse to be a long lasting and prolific outlet for their creative work, the immediate goal is to raise funds for their long awaited journey to Italy together this Spring! Please check out their website at http://WatercolorMuse1.etsy.com, or call Cara at 706-635-8202 to purchase locally.

Tips for the New Year

I would like to pass along some very helpful tips for 2014 put together by my Daughter, Magen Banwart. Thank you Magen for sharing this good information with us.

My 10 Fave Fitness Finds from 2013 that I’m taking into the new year and beyond! 


You asked, so I’m sharin’ my fave finds for meltin’ off the excess fat & stress from 2013.
Many of my best tricks and tools are in this list which is why they’re all in my 2014 Mind Body RE BOOT programs.

1.  Try Intermittent Fasting​:  NOT NEW but finally becoming mainstream. It’s simple, it works! Combine with HIIT for a winning combo.

 2.  Eat Fermented Foods​ (1/4 cup w each meal) or easier, take 2 TBS Apple CiderVinegar before every meal​:  No it’s NOT a new concept either, but I started using it daily in 2013- so do my clients and it works!

3.  Read Grain Brain:  My new bible. Written David Perlmutter, a neurologist, it’s an easy read. Made #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list because of the life changing information it contains.  I’ve been recommending Dr. Perlmutter’s advice in my RE BOOTfood protocol for years, but sometimes reading the research and recco’s from an  MD is much more compelling.

4.  High Intensity Interval Training/HIIT​:  3x a week, short & sweet, just 7 x 30-second intervals and within 25 minutes you’re done. Not a new concept but the recent research is definitive and it’s now an integral part of my personal and RE BOOT exercise protocols.

5.  Workout ​Tunes:  Because you need great music to get you through the intervals:)  See my “MB Move & Melt Faves” Spotify Playlist under my username magenbanwart.

6.  Move:   A NEW CLASS I’ve created. It combines, among other fun and challenging methods: Barre, HIIT, Pilates & Tabata.  Best part, I’ve assembled five of NYC’s fave  instructors (a Dream Team) to help me launch it. More info soon, stay tuned.

7.  Tapping/EFT:  Looks weird but easy to do and it works.

8.  MB Melt:  Another NEW CLASS I’ve created. This one eases mind and body.  It includes lots of Yin Yoga & restorative stretches, rolling and relaxation techniques.  It FEELS GOOD & EVERY BODY, yes, even the tightest bodies, can do it!  Schedule details TBA.

9.  My Fave You Tube Ted Talks and other, inspirational speeches:  I like to turn one of these on when I’m , filing, makin’ lunch or sittin’ in my Yin stretches.  Listen to while getting ready in the mornin’ to silence the monkey mind and motivate you to be great all day!  Watch HERE.

10.  The Movement:  A very cool, new, boutique fitness studio that believes in giving back (in the form of donating $1 per person, per class to The National Brain Tumor Society) and movin’ forward-my new motto for 2014. They will offer a combo of all my fitness faves: HIIT, Barre & Yoga. Coming soon to Flatiron. Get excited and keep your ears and eyes open.

Vision Boxes – Jan. 12th!

IMG_7803Are you a Vision Board person?  Have you wanted to make a visual manifestation of your hopes and dreams, a vital tool in creating the life you want?  This is the workshop you need.  Start the year off right!

Now for me, I didn’t have  the wall space, and I am such a writer and saver of things, so I started making vision Boxes to start of my year.  These are paper boxes, covered with things I want to create for my life, or feelings I need to remember. Positive Affirmations..  Through the year, I use the IMG_7804box only to store precious things. It is placed somewhere in my room.  I usually had it right on the coffee table.  It was so cool, that I wanted to keep it out.  Store Things that you might put on an altar or sacred space you may have, things you wrote , or put your dream journal in there.  I keep my IMG_7812tarot cards in there, and all my tools that I use through the year in my own spiritual  practices.  And I look at it often. I got really creative with mine, and used cut outs of pics, printed photos from the internet or my personal photo library.  I added small clay sculpture and some cool flat metal parts.  Then I had this cool resin door knob given to me by a wonderful friend who happens to be a mentor to me with manifesting.  The box became a powerful collection of wonderful.


Vision Boxes!  

 January 12th – 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

$40.00 plus $15.00 material fee

(Glues, Wallpaper paste, modge podge, images, Paper Box)

This is Workshop one in the Creative Spirit Series.  A monthly workshop series aligned with your spiritual practice by allowing art in to help you communicate.  So If you plan on coming to this workshop, please start gathering IMG_7807images NOW.   Start collecting magazines, printing photos you want to use on yours.  Any other glue able objects you want to add.   I will have a variety of things to choose from, but to be prepared for your most powerful box, it will be important that you not settle on found images, when you could carefully plan out some of the images you know you want on there.  These images can be printed on a variety of papers that will work. So come prepared with extra materials.



Heart, Hands & Healing Art Workshop – Jan. 25!!


Heart, Hands and Healing Art:
Revealing Your Inner Masterpiece on Canvas

533207_553694951362086_2034625096_nHeart, Hands and Healing Art: Revealing Your Inner Masterpiece on Canvas encourages artistic and personal expression through a process of painting with hands – no brushes, no rules AND no artistic abilities are required: the painting creates itself! Continue reading Heart, Hands & Healing Art Workshop – Jan. 25!!

Gratitude Circle – Mon., Dec 2nd!

There will be a Gratitude Circle Ceremony this coming Monday evening, December 2nd, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., at Ken Banwart’s yoga studio, at the Heartwood Community. If the weather turns surprisingly mild, we’ll meet nearby, outside.

It will be much like a traditional Talking Stick Ceremony, only all the sharing will be of thanks-giving. It will serve as this month’s, “New Moon Circle; Honoring the Rising Feminine,” usually coordinated by Christina Law, of Heartwood.  At Christina’s invitation, I will be serving as the facilitator this time, for this new/old ceremony.

event_2902942.jpegAs with all ceremony, everyone is asked to create a clear intention beforehand by whatever means works best for you. Traditionally, people fasted, abstained from all intoxicants, and/or participated in an Inipi (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony, as preparation for such “Council Circles.”

It would be nice, but not necessary, if you could bring something for the meal, following.

There will be no announcements to the general public for this, but do feel free to invite close friends you know who might be interested, prayerful, and Respectful.

You might want to be considering the notion of gratitude, even more than usual, between now and then.

Directions: From Blue Ridge, go South on 515/76. Take a right on Maxwell Road, at the cell phone tower. Take a right on Johnson Road, at the Last Resort. At the three-way fork, with Left Turn Loop Road on your left, take the middle road (not Left Turn Road). Go down the hill and take a left on Left Turn Loop Road. The signs just say Left Turn, but it’s a loop off Johnson Road. About a quarter of a mile on your right, you’ll see Ken’s fancied up driveway entrance. Park on the shoulder of the road. If you need help finding it, call Ken at 706-632-2824 or Christina at 404-587-8016.

a place of awakening tucked in the mountains


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